When I work on a case, my first step is to go to the entire journey of childhood. I try to collect as much data as possible to be able to understand the elements of foundation. It helps me to go to the root of cause – of certain situation in present.

If this age is of such crucial importance, why can’t we conduct an intervention of shaping up these young minds right at the grassroot level?

we can certainly, train the conscience of the new generation – our future shaping up in the educational institutions. We can help them develop a positive & clear conscience, help them create a guilt free wonderful psychology and of course assist them in believing in their inner intelligence and advancing it as they grow.

Modern society is fast-paced, ever-growing, and technologically advanced; but there are some by- products of this development at personal and social level. emotional crisis, depression, stress anxiety, friction in relationships, unethical behaviours and psychological conditions. Exposure to drug abuse, violence, crime affect the tender growing minds at different levels.

Through my program, I try to build a strong moral foundation which helps the growing minds develop a strong conscience which aids in building a holistic growth that equips the young ones to consciously and boldly face and deal their own issues of life.


  • Happy and healthy mind focused on learning and education
  • To train their mind to evaluate a good and bad karma
  • Teach gratitude & thankfulness
  • Guide them by Friendly counselling where they can clear up moral doubts.
  • Making them aware with the concept of conscience
  • Guide them to understand the power of morality & truthfulness.
  • live a guilt free life and build a strong psychology.
  • Train them to communicate with their conscience and experience intuitive powers.
  • Physical & mental training activities for reasoning & logical evaluation of situations.

It would be such a wonderful world – to have less cases of depression,
guilt, suicide, friction, terror, drugs, and unethical behaviours, when the upcoming
generation is vaccinated with these moral foundation classes.