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Anything in mind about yourself or your loved ones, that keeps you worried? Any insecurity, crisis, incidents from the past, health issues, issues with personal & professional decision making, relationship issues or coping with a grief or loss? Not able to face something or just want to explore yourself & possibilities to be more successful! For all such ‘May- may not be-s’, ‘what if-s’, ‘ I wish I could’s’…
…. I’m there to explore it together, with you!

Every individual has a different equation for life, and deep down we all have our own individual definitions of life and choices. I believe in personal approach to attend to your concerns, with dignified professionalism and confidentiality. Your privacy is my priority.

Feel free to write me now, for a first free consultation through email!

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To kick start this process, I offer a Complimentary first consultation through email to understand your issues & explain you the scopes. After reading your issues I will evaluate your case and revert with a plan of action.

We would begin the journey of exploring the conscience, by getting to know each other, analysing the need of therapy and finally, we would figure out the best therapy at a fundamental level. This would not just serve as the basic help but would also instil your trust in the process.

First consultation/ query – If you think that you have a concern regarding yourself or about your loved ones feel free to write. First consultation is only through the email.

Once your case is evaluated, accepted & you are registered (you get a case ID) you can fill the appointment request form to block further appointments.

A prior confirmed appointment is compulsory for any mode and category of consultation.


First Email consultation

Personal meeting – Documentation & ID generation

Skype sessions / Personal meetings – therapies, consultation & execution of action plan.


First Email consultation

Skype Sessions / Personal meeting - Documentation & ID generation

Skype sessions / Personal meetings – therapies, consultation & execution of action pl

Personal meeting with prior telephonic consulting & case exploration.

Please Note : Clients travelling to India for therapies & consultation will have to look for their own arrangements and pre book consultation and therapies and must carry the confirmation letter.


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