My journey of being a conscience coach started when I started teaching Indian classical dance to small children after my 10th grade examination. Often, at the end of the dance sessions, these children would wait back to discuss with me the issues they face at home, at school, or at the playground. As time passed, the parents too started taking interest in discussing the development of their children.

Later that year, I started teaching combinations of Kathak based on age gender & profession. Although I was only 14, I shared a strong ‘guru-shishya’ bond with all of my students, irrespective of their age, gender, and profession. Their belief in me as a guru led these shirshya’s and their families to wait till the end of the session to discuss their personal, professional & health issues with me for guidance.

I started realising, apart from being their dance teacher, how I was creating an impact on their psychology with my guidance. I was opening up my students to simple virtues of kindness, gratitude, and giving. The guidance I gave to my students emulated from the reservoir of our mythology and culture. Being born and raised as a Brahmin, the Vedas, the Puranas, the Yog-Shastra, the Ayurveda, the mythology has been a part of my DNA.

In the year 2000, I laid the foundations of “KalaSaadhna – Indian art & culture centre” where I would teach Kathak, Yoga & meditation to men, women & children and scheduled free counselling sessions after my dance classes. Soon this became my profession and my major source of income.

Along with my passion for guiding people, I was doing my graduation in Management and M.ed in Performing Arts (Kathak, All India Gold Medal). I expanded my learning through understanding, evaluating and guiding human behaviour, rather than investing in professional degrees. Each element of my knowledge& experience is dedicated to my students, my clientele, and people I am surrounded by – their lives & issues have been my classroom with my inner intelligence and conscience as the teacher.

I crafted the conscience coaching program in 2009. I realized, globally there are no such programs that cover holistic development which covers all aspects like psychological analysis and therapy, physical & emotional wellness, and training of conscience to activate inner intelligence. Thus, I have designed this program with great care and responsibility. As a trademarked ‘Conscience Coach’, I consider this my responsibility to look after the overall development of my subjects, resolve their issues and entanglement from the root, and prepare them to deal and keep designing their life!

Now out of my immense experience as a Wellbeing Guru and a Conscience Coach, I train people to evoke their inner intelligence. I have touched many lives by training them for physical wellbeing, managing their emotional issues, advising them on their professional and social front, shaping their personality and above all realising their inner potential & possibilities.

I handhold you to find the key to yourself and my success is when you stop needing me to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Wish and pray for your happiness & wellbeing.

Aparna Mishra